Veal Scallopini Saltimbocca with Bleu Cheese Polenta

This is a Veal Scallopini Saltimbocca recipe served over a Bleu Cheese polenta. If you like veal and polenta dishes, I would highly recommend this dish. It is a classical Italian dish with the extra kick of Bleu Cheese. Enjoy!

Ingredients for the Bleu Cheese Polenta:

1/2 Cup of Course Polenta

1 Cup of Chicken stock

1 Cup of Milk

1 Ounce of Butter

2 Ounces of Onion

2 Ounces of a good Bleu Cheese

Salt and Pepper To Taste

Start with a deep side sauce pan and sweat your onion in the butter. You will then add your polenta and cook for about 1 to 3 minutes. You will then add half of your your chicken stock and reduce by half and then repeat. You will then need to adjust the salt and pepper content for your taste and cook for about another 5 minutes and then cover off of the heat. It will continue to carry over cook, while you prepare your Saltimbocca. You can check on it from time to time and give it a stir. Do not forget to add th bleu cheese right before you serve.

Ingredients you will need for the Veal Scallopini Saltimboca dish:

1 6 ounce of Veal Scaloppini, pounded veal cutlet

1 to 2 ounces of all purpose flour, for dredging

2 ounces of Marsala sweet wine

2 ounces of Parma prosciutto

3 to 4 ounces of brown veal stock. You can find at any whole foods market or Upper end grocery stores

1 ounce of butter

3 to 4 sprigs of fresh parsley

1 ounce of sage leaves

To Taste Salt and Black Pepper

Wooden Toothpicks

Make sure that the veal cutlet is pound out well, and that it is even. You will then salt and pepper the veal cutlet. Once that is done you will add the prosciutto, and sage leaves to the cutlet and attach with toothpicks in the center of the cutlet. You will then dredge the cutlet into the flour, and remove any excess flour from the cutlet. You will get a saute pan and add it to a medium to medium high heat. Once the pan is warm you will add some canola oil and heat for about 10 seconds or until hot and cook the veal cutlet until it is done. It should take about 3 to 5 minutes on each side. % minutes is the maximum I would go on either side you do not want to over cook this dish. Remove the cutlet from the pan and cover in a dish to keep it warm, You will degalze the pan with a Marsala wine and add the brown veal stock and heat, once it is well heated you will removed and add the butter off of the heat swirling in the pan until melted.

You will then get ready to plate your meal. First you will add the bleu cheese to the Polenta and give it a gentle stir. You will take your saltimboca and remove the toothpicks, slice, and plate in wedges around the Polenta. You will then add the sauce, and serve.

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