Try These 6 Diet-Friendly Chocolate Cheesecakes!

If the mere thought of cheesecakes makes your mouth
water, you will be even more delighted in biting in a chocolate cheesecake.

If the mere thought of
cheesecakes makes your mouth water, you will be even more delighted in biting
in a chocolate cheesecake. With two delicious food items combined, you will
surely end up with a snack that offers divine pleasure. Since chocolate and
cheesecake is rich in protein, it can make you feel full for several hours.

Is there such a thing as
healthy chocolate cheesecake? If you are craving for this yummy dessert but on
a strict diet, do you really have to deprive yourself to maintain your
weight?   Well, not anymore. Thanks to
new recipes, ingredients and cooking techniques, you can now indulge in a
delectable chocolate cheesecake without the guilt. Aside from several non-fat
and sugar-free alternative ingredients, you may also go for healthful chocolate
cheesecake featuring vegetarian and organic filling. Let’s get to know more of
these guilt-free chocolate cheesecake recipes.


If you are on a low-carb
diet, your main goal is to eat food rich in protein and go easy on carbs. The
good news is that cheesecake contains a lot of protein. The bad news however,
is in its sugar and crust. But with a low-carb cheesecake, only a little amount
of sugar is used. Instead of using crushed crackers for the crust, use almonds.


Sugar-free chocolate
cheesecake is not only good for dieters but also for those with diabetes. With
artificial sweeteners, you may indulge in a sweet dessert without having to
worry about your health or diet.

Chocolate cheesecake

Are you vegetarian and are
avoiding dairy products such as milk and cheese? Vegetarian chocolate
cheesecake might fit you perfectly. Basically, this cheesecake recipe uses soy
as a chief ingredient for the filling. Don’t worry because the taste will not
be altered by using soy products. With regards to the topping, you can be very
experimental as some of the most delectable chocolate cheesecake recipes
feature tons of fruits and vegetables which I am sure you will enjoy. Among the
veggies and fruits used in chocolate cheesecakes, berries are most favored.

Chocolate cheesecake

If you are an
environmentalist, organic chocolate cheesecake is best for you. The main thing
about this cheesecake recipe is that it uses organically grown ingredients.
This means no pesticide is used during their cultivation. 

Chocolate Cake

Some people who are
lactose-intolerant may not have imagined ever tasting a chocolate cheesecake
due to its creamy form. If vegan chocolate cheesecake does not sound too
appealing, try lactose-free chocolate cheesecake. Instead of the regular cream
cheese, this recipe uses lactose-free milk and cream cheese which do not really
change the taste of the cheesecake.

chocolate cheesecake

Dieters will surely fall
in love with low-fat chocolate cheesecake. It is definitely healthier than your
average chocolate cheesecakes but just as tasty. However, keep in mind that
this version is simply lighter in fat content which means you may still have to
count calories. Nevertheless, it is okay to consume more of these recipes than
what you would normally do in a traditional cheesecake recipe.