Great Coleslaw, The KFC Recipe Way

Have you been searching for a great recipe to make coleslaw the KFC
recipe way? If you have I’m sure you’ve come across a few versions and
I know it’s hard to pick a recipe to go with, especially if you’re
making it for other people. The following is a pretty good recipe I
think is real similar to the KFC version. Even though I think this is a
good one, you might want to try it out on the family before serving it
for others. I also have another idea, but first check out the following
coleslaw recipe and see what you think.

This recipe is 4 star all the way and tastes just like the coleslaw
at KFC. A recipe you’ll try over and over. Make sure to make this a
head of time at least 6 hours and if you can make it the night before
all the better. It needs time for all the flavors to incorporate and
combine together.


Shred or finely dice the cabbage and the carrots, you can use a food
processor or a cheese grater if doing by hand, or use a knife. Mix
onions with the cabbage and carrots in a large bowl. Mix the remaining
ingredients using a blender or food  processor or if you really want to
be crazy–use a spoon–also you’ll save a wit bit of electricity and
get some excercise. Now thoroughly mix the mayo mixture in with the
cabbage, onion and carrots.

Remember to refrigerate for at least 6 hours.

So try this recipe and see what you think. Does it compare to the KFC recipe?