Decorative Mini Cupcake Liners

Usually made of paper or a thin metal, the mini cupcake liner is more than just a way to bake the muffin or cupcake, they can be a decorative touch all their own.

Why does it matter what your mini cupcake liner looks like? If you are feeding a group of four year olds, it might not matter quite as much, however, if you are selling your mini cupcakes at a bake sale or making them for a wedding, a birthday or other event, then you will want them to be as attractive as possible-from top to bottom.

You can take a simple chocolate cupcake with butter cream frosting from tasty treat to amazing dessert spectacular just by paying a little extra attention to the way the cupcake liner looks. If you coordinate to the colors that are used in the event, you are making a very big statement with your tasty little morsel.

Pretty Pastels, Gorgeous Jewel Tones and Dramatic Metallic Colors

Cupcake liners are more than just the old fashioned ones that were commonly used. Those were pastel but a little boring, only available in yellow, blue and pink. While those were great for their purpose, people sometimes want to have a little more excitement. Now you can get virtually any color you can think of with some baking supply specialty sites even offering special collections.

In addition to pastels and jewel tones, basic black and white liners are also very unique and would look great with opposite color cakes- chocolate in a white metallic liner or a white cake in a black metallic liner. They are gorgeous and dramatic.

Patterns and Other Uses for the Liners

Liners go beyond just the color choices though. There are patterns for every holiday that you can think of, including Halloween, Easter and Christmas. For each of those, there are four or five different patterns that can be used for cupcakes plus a lot of other uses as well. For instance, they can be used as disposable nut cups at parties or for craft projects for the children.

Another tip is to use these little liners as drip cups for popsicles or other drippy treats, to wrap lollipops in and to protect little hands from drips while painting. The small size is perfect for smaller, thinner paintbrushes.

If you have a few of these left over, give them to your children to use in their crafts box, allowing their own creativity to come up with suggestions for how to use them. They might surprise you with what they create. For yourself, you can also use some of these liners to protect special earrings in a jewelry box. Because of their smaller size, the mini cupcake liner is a great thing to have on hand in your kitchen and in your craft box.

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