Cream Cheese Lovers Unite

Uses for Cream Cheese Cream cheese is a product of fresh, un-aged cheese that is created from the milk of a cow. This particular cheese was created in the United States in the late 1800’s and is widely popular today, adding texture, delicious taste and richness to all kinds of recipes. There are many uses for this delicious cheese; below are some of the most well known. Bread Topping Obviously, cream cheese is known for being one of the most popular spreads for a bagel, toast, roll, crackers ,etc.

Cream cheese is the perfect texture and is usually nice and thick, making any bread most delicious. Cheesecake If you desire cheesecake, it is probably because it’s main ingredient; cream cheese. Cream cheese is known for being extremely thick and rich and adds a wonderful flavor to this ever popular dessert. Cream Cheese Dips If you are trying to create the perfect holiday appetizer or party dip, don’t over look the cream cheese. Cream cheese is very appealing and goes extremely well with crackers, snack chips, and almost everything else you can bring to mind. It can be added to other ingredients to make a simple fruit dip. Cream cheese also makes a great spread for fruit pizzas. Cheeseballs A standard of many parties when are parents were young, the cheeseball is very time less. It is a great choice for any occasion. And it is so simple to prepare. Simply take softened cream cheese and add in cheese of your choice such as cheddar or blue cheese, form into a ball, then roll in finely chopped bread crumbs. Chill for several hours and serve with chips or crackers. Cream Cheese Frosting Cream Cheese is a great ingredient for icing, instead of choosing sweet, choose the rich flavor and feel of cream cheese. Pastries Cream cheese is a favorite filling in all kinds of pastries such as croissants and is mixed into a variety of pastry crusts. Hot Cheese Melts Cream cheese is also a great accompaniment to crab melts and other hot cheese mixtures. You can add it to many other ingredients such as peppers, tomatoes, fish, and more If you enjoy the flavor of cream cheese, but strive to reduce your fat calories, you should be aware that there are numerous reduced fat cream cheeses on the market and even a some non- fat cream cheese at your grocer. Also, if you enjoy the taste of cream cheese, you will want to try the French version of cream cheese- Neufchatel. This cheese is very similar to cream cheese, except that it has ripened and is often less thick because there are no emulsifiers added.

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